Practice and Study

The Office of Practice and Study (OPS) coordinates the spiritual activities of Mindrolling Lotus Garden Retreat Center. As such, the OPS works closely with the spiritual advisors — Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and Mindrolling Jetsün Dechen Paldrön — the lopöns and drupön (senior teachers and retreat master), the Mindrolling monks, Samten Tse nuns and the study group facilitators to care for the spiritual well-being and needs of Lotus Garden as well as the greater sangha worldwide.

OPS is responsible for the development and coordination of teaching programs, individual retreats, group practice sessions, shrine management, management of prayer requests, as well as the activities of the Monthly Meditation events, the Virginia Local Study Group and various affiliated study groups around the country.

Lopön Barbara Ryan and Lopön Helen Berliner are resident staff of OPS. Drupön Roar Vestre is resident retreat master.

OPS may be reached by email at