North American Study Groups

Mindrolling Lotus Garden is open to all serious students of Tibetan Buddhism. Students may receive teachings at Lotus Garden from Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and other visiting teachers. Throughout the year, study groups listed below maintain continuity of study and practice based on the teachings given at Mindrolling Lotus Garden. New students interested in attending should contact a facilitator in their area and the facilitator will respond within a few days.


Martha McGinnis, co-facilitator
tel: 404-932-4857 (cell)

Earl Dendle, co-facilitator
tel: 678-579-9943 (home), 404-310-2550 (cell)

Lisa Frederico, co-facilitator
tel: 678-789-0407


Mary Beth Muscara, co-facilitator
tel: 410-913-6689

Carl Rosenthal, co-facilitator
tel: 410-322-9839


Brij Masand, co-facilitator
tel: 508-380-0963

Jennifer Knapp Stumpp, co-facilitator
tel: 617-699-3491

Midwest Study Group

Julie Heegaard, coordinator
tel: 443-826-2348


Mary Lou Evans, coordinator
tel: 970-988-9170

Los Angeles

Victoria Mudd, coordinator
tel: 818-907-0694, 818-631-5396

New York City

Kuan Hui Chew, co-facilitator
tel: 917-655-9226

Michael Rogan, co-facilitator
tel: 646-250-3182


JoAnn Herson, co-facilitator
tel: 215-880-3151

Alison Smith-Driscoll, co-facilitator
tel: 302-778-4870, 302-290-7445

Portland, OR

Ray Sten, coordinator
tel: 503-282-1128

Santa Fe

Kathleen Guerra, co-facilitator
tel: 505-629-7526

Linda Durante, co-facilitator
tel: 505-690-6627

San Francisco

Geoff Picus, co-facilitator
tel: 650-270-0028

Ashley Davenport, co-facilitator
tel: 415-290-4484

Rebecca Kopriva, co-facilitator
tel: 202-744-2808

Toronto (Canada)

Stas Zlobinski, co-facilitator

Vitali Pozdniakov, co-facilitator
tel: 416-834-2899

Virginia Local Study Group (based at Mindrolling Lotus Garden)

Kareema Abdul-Basir, co-facilitator
tel: 540-635-3655

Alison Watts, co-facilitator

Lopön Helen Berliner

Washington, DC

Stephen Blake, co-facilitator
tel: 240-461-2872, 301-309-0232

Linda Debrewer, co-facilitator
tel: 410-608-6659

Non-local study group within North America

Sudie Hargis, co-facilitator
tel: 907-321-8300

Judy Wolfer, co-facilitator
tel: 540-609-8388


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Facilitators, please note:
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Last update: 23 February 2023