Vajra Assembly 2024 Czech Republic

On the full-moon day of Saga Dawa, the 23rd of May, 2024, more than 200 practitioners from Europe gathered for the second consecutive year in Czech Republic to receive teachings and transmissions from Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche. The commencement of the second Vajra Assembly took place amidst great joy and the sangha studied and practiced the profound teachings, led with great kindness by Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, Jetsün Dechen Paldrön, Dungse Rinpoche, and Jetsün Rinpoche and the wonderful team of Vajra Assembly staff.

For twenty days, the entire practice land received a downpour of blessings, transmissions, and teachings. The sangha practiced in the format of a Chö Gar, or Dharma encampment retreat, in which devoted practitioners receive instructions and immediately put them into practice to swiftly progress towards fruition.  The Chö Gar began with all the students setting up their individual practice tents to be used for the duration of the retreat.

Throughout the span of twenty practice and study days, with extraordinary kindness and generosity, Rinpoche bestowed profound teachings and instructions, clearly elucidating the view and methods to the fortunate sangha. The teachings were simultaneously translated to many languages such as French, Czech, German, Spanish, Greek and Polish. This provided the participants with the opportunity to receive clear and direct guidance from Rinpoche in their own language and further guided by the wonderful team of Dharma instructors.

The sangha was most appreciative of Mr. Zuzak and Hanka, who opened their land so generously, making it possible for the retreats to be held these past two years.  Through their dedicated and gracious efforts, the entire land was transformed into a sacred practice land that provided the perfect container for these profound teachings.  Many wonderful improvements and additions had been made since last year.  This year many participants stayed in new spacious yurt tents with wooden floors and furnished with all the amenities such as carpets, beds, and heaters.  The butter lamp house and the Dzam Dharma Shop were also wonderful new additions that further supported the practice and retreat of the students, many of whom traveled from afar. Moreover, the incredibly kind staff from the local venue worked in seamless cooperation with the Vajra Assembly staff, which allowed the event to run smoothly.

Within the expansive fields and the fire-like sunset skies, there was a palpable environment of harmony and joyfulness throughout this extraordinary meeting of profound instructions and favorable circumstances. The auspicious gathering concluded with a body, speech and mind offering to Rinpoche and heartfelt aspirations for the flourishing of the Dharma and the Mindrolling lineage. May the merit arising from these combined efforts be the source of boundless benefit for all sentient beings!