Materials Requests

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Making a General Request for Materials

Requests for liturgies, audio recordings and transcripts must be made by sending an email to the Office of Practice and Study (OPS) where they will be presented to Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche for approval. If a Lotus Garden lopön suggests materials for you, the lopön will generally contact OPS on your behalf. Study group facilitators will also contact OPS directly on behalf of group members. Individuals may also request materials on their own by contacting OPS.


Receiving Approval

The Office of Practice and Study will inform you of your approval by email and send a copy to the Dharmashri office. Once you have received the email approval you may contact Dharmashri to ask about the details for obtaining the materials. Please do not contact the Dharmashri office until after you have heard of your approval from OPS.


Requesting Materials Distributed During a Program You Attended

Students who have fully attended a particular program (such as a Mindrol Lekshey segment or a particular Vajrayana Retreat segment) are automatically approved to receive the liturgies, audio recordings, transcripts or handouts which were made available during that program/segment.

Those participants wishing to request materials after having left a Lotus Garden program, should please contact the Dharmashri Office directly. In your email, please indicate the program and segment you attended. Dharmashri and the Main Office keeps a list of those pre-approved to receive the materials.


Last update: 31 May 2020

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