Minling Lotus Garden Vajrayana Retreat 2023

Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will bestow teachings and transmissions and guide the sangha in this practice retreat from October 29th to December 9th, 2023. The 2023 Vajrayana Retreat is open to students who attended last year’s retreat and to new students who may join upon approval. 

In preparation for this year’s Vajrayana Retreat, Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche has instructed that each student who wishes to attend must commit to a session retreat and online review of the 2022 Practice Intensive teachings. This review is mandatory for those who did not attend the Practice Intensive teachings last year and who wish to join this year’s retreat.

The session retreat and online review will happen from September 15th to October 15th, 2023.  Students will review the Practice Intensive 2022 teachings online and commit to one to two practice sessions per day.  This online self-study will happen on the Dharmashri Online Portal.

This year’s Vajrayana Retreat at Lotus Garden will be held in person from October 29th to December 9th, 2023.  The retreat will be structured as follows:

October 29th to November 12th – Practice Intensive: Great Perfection Teachings (second year)

  • The Practice Intensive is open to new and returning students who take the commitment of the session retreat and self-study, September 15th to October 15th.  In this part of the retreat, Rinpoche will continue to bestow teachings on the Uncommon Preliminaries of the Great Perfection – the Dzogchen cycle of teachings.

November 14th to 27th – Vajrayana II

  • The Vajrayana II teachings are open to those students who received the teachings last year and attended last year’s retreat in full.

November 28th to 30th – Teachings on Vajrakilaya

  • The Teachings on Vajrakilaya are open to those who received the empowerment, reading transmission and instructions at the Vajrayana retreat in 2022.

December 2nd to 9th – The Great Chariot Part 7

  • Students who have completed the previous six parts of the Great Chariot Cycle, either online or in person, may attend the Great Chariot Part 7.

For students in the senior Vajrayana II group, it is highly recommended that you attend both the Practice Intensive: Great Perfection teachings as well as the Vajrayana II teachings and retreat.
Students who are only attending the Practice Intensive may depart on November 13th, unless you received the Vajrakilaya teachings last year or are part of the Great Chariot cycle of teachings and wish to stay on for these later parts of the retreat. In this case, you may continue with the retreat and work  with all the practices you receive during this year’s retreat. You may be permitted into some of the teachings during Vajrayana II but not all.
Registration is open for the Online Practice Intensive Review and the Vajrayana Retreat 2023.

General Retreat Information

Dharma Encampment (Chö Gar) – Bring your own practice tent

During the Practice Intensive and Vajrayana II sections of the retreat, students will receive teachings and have extended practice sessions in the Dharma Encampment (Chö Gar). For practitioners to do a long-term intensive retreat this year, everyone will have to bring your own practice tent. Your tent should be large enough for you to stand up in and to sleep in, at least 8 feet wide.   Your tent should be waterproof and wind-resistant.  If you need further assistance or need more information about the tent, please contact the registration office at registration@lotusgardens.org.

You may ship your tent to Lotus Garden or request to have one ordered for you to purchase when you arrive at Lotus Garden. This will be done at cost.

Please note that a good tent is necessary for all participants. All practice sessions will be held in individual tents for the full duration of the retreat.

Practice Materials

Everyone must bring their angrak and zen.  If you are a newer student and do not have an angrak, you may simply inform the LG office and one will be prepared for you. Please also ensure that you have the proper zen and do not substitute with a shawl or stole. All students attending the Practice Intensive: Great Perfection teachings must bring a full Mandala offering set with the plate and rings.  If you have questions about this or need to request any of these items, please contact the Lotus Garden Office at registration@lotusgardens.org.  Please contact the office by September 29th at the latest. Once we receive your request, your items will be held at Ratna Kosha to purchase upon arrival.

On-Land Housing

On-land housing will be limited and reserved upon request. Priority will be given to those who commit to the entire retreat. All rooms will be shared and there will be some dormitory options. This year, all the rental tents are on new tent platforms that will also include heaters.

This will provide additional on-land housing, especially during the late fall and early winter months of this year’s retreat. There are also off-land options for housing. Please do not hesitate to write to us to request further information. If you are interested in off-land shared housing options, we are happy to provide more information.

Prepare for Cooler Temperatures

Temperatures from October to December at Lotus Garden can range from the upper 50s to low 30s Fahrenheit, and we encourage everyone attending to pack accordingly. Good portions of the day will be spent in our practice tents. It is good to pack clothing that can be layered. Rain gear, winter clothing and good walking shoes will be important to bring. It is also good to bring a flashlight and a camp light for your practice tent.  

For those who register for the program, we will send you a detailed email with information on the online Practice Intensive Review as well as everything you will need and how to best prepare for your time at Lotus Garden.  We look forward to keeping in touch with everyone. 

If you attended last year’s Vajrayana Retreat at Lotus Garden, you may register now:

If you did not attend last year’s Vajrayana Retreat at Lotus Garden, you may request to attend this year’s retreat using the online request form: