2020 Losar Greetings from Rinpoche

Dear Everyone,

At the dawn of the lunar year of the Metal Rat, Jetsun la and I join all of us at Mindrolling in wishing you all a very Happy Losar.

We send this wish with prayers and aspirations that each one of you will enjoy a wonderful and healthy year in 2020. But amongst everything else that one may aspire for, may this year bring you tremendous progress in fulfilling your aspirations of accomplishing the Dharma. May the buddhas and bodhisattvas continually shower all with their blessings and protection.

As practitioners, whilst we may still have many plans and longings, we need to continually remind ourselves that ultimately nothing has more true meaning nor is a true source of refuge other than the precious Dharma. Therefore, it is important that while we may continue to plan and have goals, we do not neglect to direct all these towards their becoming a support for Dharma and in creating a tendrel for deepening our understanding and practicing the precious teachings. Let this New Year bring in a renewed resolve to go a little further, take a few more steps towards our path to enlightenment. It is important that every year, we make as much effort as possible to go a little further so that our growth does not stagnate. It is imperative that we never lose our childlike enthusiasm and joy on the path of practice. May our diligence, joy and humor on the path of practice keep our steps light and steady as we walk towards complete awakening.

As we usher another year in, let us all join together in our aspirations for the world we all live in today. May the light of the teachings shine brilliantly in all directions and serve as a beacon of sanity and refuge. May obstacles of war and disease be dispelled and may all beings make a connection with kindness and wisdom. May truth and justice not just be high minded ideas but actual ideals cherished and implemented by those in power. May freedom and wellness be within the reach of all beings and may happiness and harmony abound. May the environment and all beings find balance and peaceful coexistence. May virtue and goodness prevail in all directions.

Joining Jetsunla and I in sending you prayers and best wishes are Minling Sangyum Kushog, Dungse Rinpoche, Jetsun Rinpoche and all Mindrolling Sangha gathered here at Mindrolling.