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Lightning Fast: Lotus Garden Installs Fiber Optic System

In 2018, Lotus Garden completed installation of a new broadband system and looks forward to streaming Rinpoche’s teachings worldwide in the near future.

Lotus Garden is located in Page County, a rural area of northwestern Virginia that is under-served by internet service providers. Over the years, this lack of stable broadband service has presented numerous challenges for our teachers and staff.  With the internet service seriously degrading, often being unavailable for days, Lotus Garden contacted the Page Country Broadband Authority in 2017 inquiring about alternative options. To our surprise, Shentel Communications indicated that previously unavailable options were now within reach. Microwave technology and fiber optic cable options were presented, and Lotus Garden ultimately selected the underground fiber optic cable option. After lengthy negotiations with Shentel, and with Rinpoche’s sign-off, a contract was signed. Lotus Garden then financed the three-mile sub-surface installation of fiber optic cable from the Stanley Tower facility to our Pine Grove Road entrance.  In the early spring of 2018, work began on the land to install the fiber optic system. Within six-months, the new system was completely installed and is now in full use.

Shentel and its sub-contractors (Smartech and PennLine) took responsibility for under-pavement drilling, fiber cable pulling, splicing and connection of fiber optic cable to the network servers. The remarkably talented Lotus Garden installation team worked tirelessly, often in inclement weather, digging trenches, installing and wiring handhole enclosures, laying and burying conduit, pulling and connecting cat 6 cable, installing network switches, the firewall, and all WiFi access points. 

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Lama Roar Vestre, Alex Ryan, Dean Baker, Sara Levinson, Linda Fisher and Vicky Risner contributed to this story.

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