A Marvelous Rain of Blessings


As we do each December, before stepping with fresh aspiration into the coming year, we turn and look back over the year which is ending, with profound wonder and gratitude for our supreme good fortune. Here are some of the many highlights of 2018 in words, photos and video.

Opening the Great Treasury

Story and photos from the 2018 Mindrol Lekshey Summer Program.

Resting In the Nature of Mind

Rinpoche’s teachings on strengthening and actualizing our vajrayana practice.


Lotus Garden holds a traditional three-day drubchö of the Minling Dorsem.

Birthday of Dungse Rinpoche

Celebrating Rinpoche’s 4th birthday with aspiration prayers and cakes.

A Roof Above Our Heads

Stone siding, Japanese roof tiles and gold ornaments highlight temple progress.

‘Lightning fast!’

Lotus Garden installs a new fiber optic network on the land.

An Offering of Life

A tsethar is offered In honor of Rinpoche’s birthday, August 19th.

Many Streams Mingling

Sangha members join the greater worldwide sangha for drubchö in Greece.

A Quiet Time of Year

Intimate opportunities for review, study, contemplation and practice.