Vajrayana Autumn Retreat

In September of 2016, Mindrolling Lotus Garden held the first dedicated vajrayana retreat with Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche. In keeping with Rinpoche’s vision that “it is imperative to keep growing and changing with the times,” this more extensive program is designed to meet the needs of the  growing vajrayana sangha, especially those with gaps in transmissions and teachings.

To enter and mature as practitioners on the vajrayana path, transmissions received directly from the vajra master are required. As the wellspring of actualization, the transmission blessings received directly from the teacher are precious, rare, and irreplaceable. In the vajrayana, it is imperative to understand that all other learning through reading, listening to CDs, studying in groups, or attending programs on the view or ritual instruction is meant to support, not substitute, direct transmissions from the teacher.

In light of the noble power of impermanence and change, we encourage everyone to energetically and courageously embrace this precious opportunity to initiate, strengthen, and actualize the vajrayana practice life.

This information is given by way of example. The 2017 program will not necessarily follow the description below. Please check back in the summer for details about the 2017 Vajrayana Retreat.

Rinpoche envisioned the 2016 vajrayana retreat as the opportunity to remedy any omissions for those who have, over the years, attended parts of the Vajrayana cycle without complete transmissions. With this in mind, a new cycle of trekchö and thögal teachings was bestowed for those new to these practices; and the cycle of Three Root teachings continued, including the practices of the six yogas in the context of chö gar, or dharma encampment.