• <span style="color: #510000; font-size: 120%; font-family: palatino, garamond, serif;">Mindrol Lekshey <br />Summer Program<span>


Jetsun Khandro RinpocheNATURAL EASE (Year 2)
H.E. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

Dates: July 19 – 25
Arrival: July 19 | Departure: July 25
Tuition: $630
*Paying members: $567

His Eminence Dzigar Kongtrul RinpocheGUHYAGARBHA (Year 2) *restricted*
H.E. Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

Dates: July 26 – August 1
Arrival: Jul 26 | Departure: Aug 1
*Tuition: $630

This program is the continuation of the most profound and sacred Guhyagarbha teachings being bestowed His Eminence Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche in a multi-year cycle. These transmissions are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and entail the commitment to receive the entire cycle from the beginning to the end.

This section of the program is completely closed and restricted only to those who received the entire abhisheka and transmissions in 2017 from His Eminence Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche.

Financial assistance and member discounts are not available for this program.

Tibetan Medical ThangkaAn Introduction to Tibetan Medicine:
Understanding Body, Understanding Mind
Dr. Tsewang Rigzin

Dates: July 27 – 29 | Evening lectures and discussion
July 30 – Aug 1 | Private consultations by appointment
Tuition: $45
*Paying members: $36
Consultation fee separate

Ven. Acarya Namdrol Gyatso and Ven. Thrinley GyaltsenLanguage and Ritual Instruction
Senior Monks of Mindrolling Monastery

Dates: August 3 – 26
Arrival: Aug 3 | Departure: Aug 26
Tuition: $1840
*Paying members: $1656

*Paying Members
The tuition discount is available only to those who are paying $50 or more per month.

Remaining On the Land Between Program Sections
Please Note: Those not attending the Guhyagharba section but wishing to remain at Lotus Garden July 26–August 2 for the Introduction to Tibetan Medicine or to continue with their own practices, will be charged for their housing plus a $25 fee per day.

For questions or more information: Please contact us by email at registration@lotusgardens.org
or by telephone at 1-540-778-2405.