Mindrolling Monks

Mindrolling Monks

Acharya Namdrol Gyatso (right) and Venerable Thrinley Gyaltsen (left) will be leading the Mindrol Lekshe Summer Program

Since it’s inception, the monks of Mindrolling Monastery have traveled from India to the US and played a key role in the life and development of Mindrolling Lotus Garden. They have led ritual practices on the land, trained students in instrument playing and torma making, provided guidance on the development of the land, expansion of buildings, and were instrumental in the erecting and consecration of the Buddha statue. The monks return annually to conduct rigorous training of students in Tibetan language, torma-making, and ritual practice.

We are delighted to announce that Venerable Acharya Namdrol Gyatso and Venerable Thrinley Gyaltsen will return to lead students in a ritual practice intensive during the Mindrol Lekshe Summer Program in August of 2015.

Monks leading prayers

Ven. Acharya Namdrol Gyatso and Ven. Thrinley Gyaltsen leading sangha members in evening prayers


Venerable Acharya Namdrol Gyatso

Ven. Acharya Namdrol Gyatso completed the Shedra or Ngagyur Nyingma College and has the equivalent of a Ph.D. or doctorate in Buddhist Philosophy. Since 2011 he has held the position of Head teacher of Tibetan Grammar, Buddhist Philosophy and Comparative Religion including the dialectics of Tibetan Buddhism at Samten Tse Retreat Centre for Nuns, where he designs and implements the curriculum. His specialty and expertise lies in rare classical Tibetan textual language and the original Tibetan text created in the inception of the Tibetan language (Tibetan Buddhist cannon). He has assisted and continues to participate in numerous international archival projects on text, ritual implements and artifacts. Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche ordained him in 1993 and since that time he excelled and mastered all aspects of monastic ritual training before entering the Shedra in 2000.

Venerable Thrinley Gyaltsen

Ven. Thrinley Gyaltsen is the Ritual Master at Mindrolling Monastery and Samten Tse Retreat Center in India. He has held numerous positions at Mindrolling Monastery including Dorje Lopön, Umze and head Chöpön. He was also the chief Chöpön for the Rinchen Terdzod at Mindrolling in 2008-09 with more than 800 empowerments. He is currently responsible for training the monks in their education for becoming umdzes, particularly in the melodies of the numerous sadhanas of Mindrolling as well as overseeing the training of all the chöpöns and the preparation of tormas. He is expert in all the ritual instruments, creation of sand mandalas, ritual dances and every aspect of ritual monastic training. He also oversees all aspects of ritual training at Samten Tse Retreat and travels internationally to centers throughout the world, training and teaching on various aspects of the rituals.