Saga Dawa

May 23, 2020 – June 5, 2020 all-day

Saga Dawa – Vesākha (Sanskrit) | sa ga zla ba’i dü chen (Tibetan)

Saga is said to be an astrological term referring to the Saka or Saga star that shines brightly during the full moon of the fourth lunar month and dawa  means moon or month

Practitioners may observe Saga Dawa from the first day of the fourth lunar month, which falls on the 23rd of May this year, leading to the full moon day which is the 5th of June 2020. Good deeds and prayers are multiplied many hundreds of thousands times during this period.

On the full moon day of the fourth lunar month, we celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni in Lumbini, attainment of enlightenment in BodhGaya at the age of 35, and his mahaprinirvana at the age of 80 in Kushinagara.