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Dungse Rinpoche’s 4th Birthday Celebration

The celebration of Dungse Jigdral Garwang Dondrub Wangyal’s 4th birthday took place on July 28th, 2018 during the Mindrol Lekshey program at Lotus Garden. The entire sangha joined together for a day of prayers and offerings for the continued presence and long-life of Dungse Rinpoche and his elder sister Jetsün Rinpoche, who bring great delight and jubilation to the entire Mindrolling sangha and are a source of inspiration for our future. We were greatly honored with the presence of His Eminence Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche who performed a long-life ceremony for the family and joined the sangha for the birthday festivities.

In lieu of traditional birthday gifts, it has also become a yearly tradition for our sangha to come together in making monetary offerings to local charities in the Page County area. Donations were presented in person to the charities on the day of Dungse Rinpoche’s birthday. The three charities are: Choices–a local nonprofit for individuals facing domestic violence, the Page One Food Bank and the Page County Animal Shelter.

We pray that these activities become a source for the freedom from suffering of all beings and that together we never forget the need to think of other beings and work for their benefit.

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