Sites of three expansion projects at Lotus Garden

Continuing Expansion Projects —
The 2009 Fundraising Campaign Begins

As a sangha, every year we are faced with the wonderful opportunity of trying to fulfill at least some small part of Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche’s incredible vision of the Dharma. Each year we all come to Lotus Garden from around the country to hear the teachings and try to deepen our understanding and practice. As we continue to practice and work with ourselves to create a firm foundation for the Dharma in our own minds, Rinpoche continues to urge us to expand our vision. Recalling the incomparable kindness, blessings, and unceasing dharma activity of Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen, what other activity would be meaningful other than doing whatever is in our means to help the Dharma flourish?

Crystal stupa offered as a fundraising gift

Crystal stupa
©2009 Mindrolling International

Holding the Dharma for Future Generations

So many people have worked hard in many ways to transform Lotus Garden into the center it is today. From the very first group who pulled together the down-payment and shoveled the dirt out of what is now Dekyi Gatsal to everyone since then who has volunteered or made a donation or come to a program, our whole sangha has made Lotus Garden their expression of devotion. At the same time, Rinpoche’s vision is immensely encouraging for us. We should build a grand shrine room and a shedra and retreat cabins because Rinpoche believes that if we work hard and dedicate ourselves, the center our sangha builds can hold the source of dharma for future generations. Lotus Garden can be a means through which Rinpoche and other great teachers can propagate the dharma for any student who truly longs to practice.

Past Projects Accomplished by the Hard Work and Generosity of the Sangha

Last year, it was truly inspiring how we, as a sangha, met the challenge to donate for the new shrineroom and to increase monthly membership payments. All of the mortgage and most operating costs are now paid by monthly dues. Lump sum donations along with membership dues have allowed for the construction of a new dorm building and a dorm addition to the bakhang (bath house) which provide dorm space for up to fourteen more people. Dechen Gatsal is well underway and the infrastructure is almost finished for the retreat cabins. It was an incredibly fruitful year made possible by your hard work and generosity.

Upcoming Projects and the 2009 Fundraising Initiative

To genuinely embody the vision of Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen and Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, there is still much work to be done. We continue to raise funds for the shrineroom as well as to remodel the pool house for better housing for visiting teachers and increased dorm space. With this in mind, Lotus Garden would like to announce a new fundraising campaign. The goal is to raise $108,000 for continuing expansion projects.

The first 90 donors who give $1200 or more will receive a beautiful crystal stupa with gold details. These stupas are a limited run and cannot be found anywhere else in the West. Each stupa is 6.5" at the base and 12" tall. Stupas are representations of the mind of the Buddha and are perfect for your shrine or anywhere in your home. They make great gifts for loved ones.

You Can Help

Please consider donating this year. Lotus Garden needs your help. Every donation large or small is very beneficial. All of us on the fundraising committee would like to thank everyone who gave in so many ways to Lotus Garden and made last year so successful. We hope that as a sangha we can make this year even better.

Making a Donation

A donation may be made in one lump sum or in several installments through the year. We accept any form of payment (cash, check, credit cards, stocks). All donations are tax deductible.

Please Note: If you would like to receive a crystal stupa, please make a note in the comments section of the online donation form. If you choose to pay by check please make the note on the check "donation – crystal stupa."

Onwards and upwards,
— The Fundraising Committee


Photo Credits: Sites of three expansion projects currently under way. From left to right - The ground at the Lhakhang site is flattened; Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and Jetsün Dechen Paldrön checking the plans for the Buddha statue pagoda; heavy machinery working on Dechen Gatsal retreat cabin sites, ©2008 Mindrolling International.
Last update: 4 March 2009